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03-massage-cityroom-533What happens when a good website gets hit with people with bad intentions?

When designing your website its important to consider if you would be providing user generated content and if so be careful to not fall victim to infiltration they way airbnb has.

The popular room sharing website airbnb which is used to help folks travel the world and rent rooms instead of using hotels had their share of bad users.

People can list their apartment or home for rent on the website, and host guests in their spare room or empty apartment giving them another source of revenue. But as it turns out people had other uses for the site. Escorts began using the site to find low cost under-the radar alternatives to using hotels or renting apartments.

“There are many legitimate escort services in NYC and most will agree that if you are offering escorts there should be no reason to offer an “in call” service. Our NYC escorts are companions that are available to accompany residents or visitors to functions, events and parties so there is no legitimate reason to offer “hosting” or “incall” unless its something other than strictly companionship” — Barbie from Barbies Dolls in New York – Nov.2016

Other escorts services that offer companionship only offering outcall do not have clients come to their location. Escort services such as http://www.nyasiangallery.com and other escort services in nyc offer outcall, companionship  are legal and are not exploiting the airbnb model in nyc.

It seemed like only a matter or time that it might come to that. That’s why we recommend to all our clients that want a site populated with user generated to have heavy policing on their users. It is not enough to let a site allow people free reign to add content. Not only can the content itself get the site shut down but what the users do with the content can also be damaging to the reputation and user experience.

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